Sunday, January 9, 2011

I am just average and so are you

Chances are you will be average in everything you do. It is rare that you will be rich. There is only a finite amount of money to be had.

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  1. Yes the chances are that by many measurements you will be "average." And yet at the same time, you are absolutely unique. There is no one exactly like you in the world. So maybe those measurements aren't that important.

    And there is not a "finite" amount of money to be made. The number of paper dollar bills is finite but the amount of value you can create is infinite. There is no practical upper limit to what you can possibly create in terms of value that you can trade to other people for the value that they produce. Henry Ford discovered a technique for radically increasing the amount of value that a worker could produce in a given period of time (the assembly line) and became immensely rich from it - he was in no way limited by the number of dollar bills out there. He simply produced hugely more value, which made it possible for everyone to get more value for the same number of dollar bills. There is just no upper limit to the amount of value (of all kinds, for trading to others via the medium of money as well as other kinds that are given freely or enjoyed yourself) you can create by using your mind to think and solve problems.