Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wanting to escape out of the formal economy is a lot more difficult then imagined. The system has ingrained itself so much so that it has built in parameters to ensure it continues. For example building reliance on vehicles, banning chickens from backyards, property taxes and so on. I have tried to cut my expenses down to a bear minimum but am limited by my duties to my family. This blog will talk about my journey as I attempt to escape the formal economy and make my way into the informal.

So many times I have found myself striving for more free time to work on the ethical and aesthetic aspects of life. However, due to the consumption drum I have always found myself called back into work in order to meet my daily needs. This blog is called better free your mind instead (stolen from the Beatles) because that is what I believe is necessary. In order to escape the formal work life one has to change their mind on what is needed. So much advertising bombards us everyday as to what we need. I believe it is about time that I tell myself what is needed.